On January 9 Neil Erikson a Melbourne Nationalist Activist lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission who deal with discrimination cases based on race and even Nationality. An event was hosted at the Tote Hotel in Collingwood where a band called Dispossessed burnt an Australian Flag and gave free admission to only “BlackFellas” but white people were made to pay to enter the venue – clear cut case of discrimination you would think? well not so quick.


After Neil Erikson made the complaint he contacted the Human Rights Commission via phone to confirm his complaint via email and also to enquire about the process of making a complaint. Erikson claims the Human Rights Commission had told him just a couple of days after his complaint was lodged that it would only take a week to have the complaint forwarded onto a case manager who would then contact him. It’s been over 2 months and Erikson’s complaint hasn’t even been lodged yet, according to them they are too busy Erikson said.


Yesterday Erikson uploaded a video to the Australian Settlers Rebellion Facebook Page where he can be seen filming a short conversation on a phone with the Human Rights Commission. In the video Erikson asks a woman “is it normal to take over two months to lodge my complaint?” the woman seems to avoid answering the question, Erikson goes on to ask if they are not taking his claim seriously because he is white? after that Erikson asks to speak to a supervisor the woman claimed the supervisor was there but after putting him on hold she comes back and states the supervisor was actually not there. What makes this phone call strange is when Mr Erikson says he will be contacting the Ombudsman the woman allegedly can be heard saying “Fuck You” to Erikson, some have theorised she may have said “It’s Up To You” but what she says only has just two syllable’s not four – We will let you decide.

You can read the original article of the event at the DailyMail here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4097292/Right-wing-group-calls-Indigenous-band-Dispossessed-reverse-racists-burning-Australian-flag.html