Giorgio Moro a 52 year old Libyan born Anti-Fascist/Communist based in Melbourne has spent the last 3 years fighting the UPF and Melbourne Patriots. Moro is a regular face at left wing protests around Melbourne – a bloke who arrived in Melbourne at 10 who even admits his own parents came to Australia in 1975 for a better life now spits on the Australian Flag.


The Australian Government back then paid for his education at Caulfield Grammar, in an interview on 3cr he complained about how white his school was (even though he is white himself) this ungrateful Refugee is sadly not an uncommon occurrence, Moro a man who was put through private school at Prestigious Caulfield Grammar and studied Science at Monash Uni all funded by the Tax paying Australians is very angry at “Racist Australia” lol..


Former Project Officer at Consumer Action Law Centre