Well guys we got some great exposures to do over the next few days, first off the rank is the main admin of AnonyKatz a left wing Facebook page dedicated to stalking patriots, this woman Lisa Thomas is a clone of Kim Kardashian lol jokes aside they only have one thing in common they both don’t work! from what we hear she checks her page every ten minutes as she/he has no life.


Moderators have come and gone over the time but this one is the one who posted home address’s of patriot’s and Patriot’s parents back in the day. She is the main admin the creator and will be held responsible for the wrongs that have occurred over on AnonyKatz or should we say NotAnonyAnymoreKatz.

lisa thomas

Here she is complaining about not getting any work!!! Her reason? cause she’s a woman! lol



Complaining about UPF – This thing needs to get a life I think –