Pauline Hanson should be on guard as a Convicted Murderer who went on a stabbing spree back in 1991 is stalking the elected Senator, David Hollis who murdered an innocent woman and stabbed 6 others is holding a Rally against Senator Hanson on March 11 at Albion One Nation Offices. (You can read a previous article on David Hollis HERE)


David Hollis is the leader of a new Extreme Left-Wing group called “Million Flag Patriots” along with his girlfriend Sue Munroe and Tom Stephen from Footscray (Melb) who used to run a blog dedicated to photographing dead animals, they are planning on “bringing down Pauline Hanson”


Hollis is not the only member of this group who has spent time in Jail for violent crimes, John Faulkner another member of the group spent 7 years behind bars for a string of armed robberies.


Shayne Hunter also a member of the extreme group who will be present at Pauline’s One Nation Office produced a video on how to conceal Knives and Bats when at Rallies.


Pauline Hanson Supporters have called on her to boost One Nation security, Neil Erikson  from Australian Settlers Rebellion told ATW that “Pauline Hanson really needs to boost her security – it seems these nut jobs have an unhealthy fascination of Senator Hanson and should be warned off by Federal Police”

The Protest is set for tomorrow.