Well, Well, Well… David Albian Hollis who has been harassing Patriots for the past year is actually a convicted Murderer! back in 1991 Hollis stabbed 7 people at random in NSW killing an innocent woman – The crime was dubbed the “Meadowbank Slasher”.


Dave Hollis was even campaigning for the Greens! are we surprised? No! these mentally unstable “people” are naturally drawn to the left.


Sadly Hollis only spent 17 months in prison for murder and the stabbing of another 6 people in a shocking decision by a judge .

David Hollis

Now he is apart of the “Million Flag Patriots” a group designed to mock real Patriots.


Here he is standing next to John Safran at the Bendigo 3 court case at the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Hollis Along with Tom Stephen from Footscray (who has previously had an unhealthy fascination with dead animals) are the main faces of the Left Wing Resistance and Campaign Against Racism & Facism.