mel2Mel Gregson was up until recently a high ranking member of the Socialist Party of Australia, Mel left the party along with Stephen Jolly amid allegations against fellow Socialist Party Member and ex Yarra Councillor Anthony Main of Raping another member of the Party which according to Mel was intentionally covered up by party members – This is the quote about the incident on Mel Gregson’s own Facebook account

Today I resigned from the Socialist Party, an organisation I’ve spent years building and working within. I’m not sure what’s next, all I know is that people who defend and protect abusers are not comrades of mine. By the end of the week the majority of the membership of the Socialist Party will have resigned. What a sad and shameful end. But it is a necessary departure.If people wish to discuss this with me email is best. Solidarity.


This is an announcement of resignation from the Socialist Party, Australian section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI).

We, the undersigned, refuse to be party to the cover-up of allegations of violence against women and will not remain complicit in the silencing of victims of abuse.

Over recent months we have watched the organisation we built be torn apart by attacks on a woman comrade for coming forward with serious allegations of abuse by a leading male member. We believe such allegations should always be investigated with seriousness and sensitivity, while open to scrutiny and democratic oversight. Instead, we have witnessed an attempted cover-up, defence of the alleged perpetrator and disgraceful treatment of the alleged victim.

As committed socialists and Marxists, we consider this an unforgivable breach between theory and practice. We have a proud history of fighting to end the oppression of women in society. We have published important material on the many ways women are oppressed by capitalist society and have expressed solidarity with the many movements throughout history that have fought and challenged this oppression. However, this important work will amount to nothing if we tolerate the silencing of women within our own ranks.

We are entering a new period of history where self-proclaimed socialists like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are inspiring people into political action and shaking up the capitalist system. A whole new generation is discovering the ideas of democratic socialism. Socialists should welcome them with open arms. But this can only be done on the basis of taking a principled stand against all forms of oppression.

The struggle for a socialist society – a society that puts the interests of people before profit – must be founded on the understanding that we cannot challenge capitalism while condoning violence against women within our movement. We must oppose all forms of oppression on the basis of class, gender, ethnicity, disability or sexuality.

We have a world to win through struggle, solidarity and socialism. We intend to fight for it.

Stephen J
Mel G
Chris D
Emma L
Aish R
Emma Da.
Toby D
Sue M
Matt M
Tess K
Emma Du.
Kyal R
Bridgid O’B
Steven M.

mel1Before this though Mel Gregson was the Face of the Stop the East West which was the opposition to a tunnel project which would join the East and Western suburbs of Melbourne. Mel protested daily with her loyal Socialists to stop the project by illegally climbing machinery and blockading building sites which got her arrested along with fellow Socialist party member Michael Naismith and local anarchist Brendan Mcgloin for assaulting police.

2015 April 4 – Mel Gregson is now the head of an “Anti Racism” group called (No Room For Racism) their mission is to fight the Rise of Reclaim Australia which is an Anti-Islam and Pro Australian group, according to Mel Gregson Islam is now a Race. Observers have claimed Gregson and her possie of tolerant protesters have in fact assaulted Reclaim Australia’s most vulnerable members including women and the elderly, the violence was so bad even Andrew Bolt called her violent rhetoric out and played an interview she had done on am radio calling for violence against Reclaim Australia.

Since April 4, 2015 the First Reclaim Australia Rally their have been many assaults and violent attacks on known Patriotic Australians.

July 18, 2015 at a Reclaim Australia Protest Patriot Farma John was assaulted in the Melbourne CBD by Gregson’s Tolerant Thugs.farma

Ryan Fletcher was also assaulted by masked NOROOMFORRACISM thugs at a Party For Freedom protest outside a Halal Expo in Melbourne.


Neil Erikson from Australian Settlers Rebellion was also a victim of this violence when in April, 2016 he was set apon by Gregson’s masked thugs.


Her incitement of violence doesn’t end at the Victorian border in Sydney Dan Evans was attacked and even Stabbed by these tolerant thugs.